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Dear Friends of AYSKAD,

Women, which make up half of the world's population, play important roles in the development of countries by taking active roles in the economy, industry, science, technology, education and politics, especially with the development of technology. As a result of this trend that started against women's economy in the world, women are now showing their presence in every aspect of social life in our country.

Based on this reality, we established AYSKAD as a reflection of the orientation towards women's labor in the lift sector. For the development of Turkish lift sector; against all the difficulties of being a women's association in a male-dominated sector, we will carry out projects that will contribute to the development of our sector with our experienced and educated staffs that we have created with the understanding of civil society in international norms.

We were facing the hopes that their tomorrow, contemporary, progressive, democratic and secular Republic of Turkey, as women, we believe that will open new horizons for the sector, we live Turkish lift Industry's first women's association AYSKAD of the pride of being established.

With our belief in the strong future of our country, we declare that we are ready to serve as a unifying force in every platform that will take our sector forward, and we express our gratitude to all our stakeholders for their support.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Gönül KAYA

AYSKAD Chairwoman of the Board