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VOLUNTEERSHIP: AYSKAD Members are involved in the activities of the commissions they have chosen in accordance with the principles of volunteerism in their activities and talents and professional characteristics in all activities within the framework of the association.

INNOVATION: AYSKAD, the oldest in the social and sectoral area; works for research, development, monitoring and adoption of products, processes and organizations to develop and create new.

TRANSPARENCY: The Board of Directors, Members and Employees act in accordance with the principles of legality, fairness, equality and honesty in all their actions and transactions. Provides transparent and honest information when using all communication channels.

EQUALITY: Adopting the principle of combating gender inequality, AYSKAD treats all members equally, regardless of religion, language, race or sect. Acts equally and fairly, does not discriminate and does not allow the exercise of the rights to be appointed, nominated, elected and elected in executive bodies within the Association.

PARTICIPATION: AYSKAD conducts all of its activities with the participation and support of all members of the Board of Directors, especially the members of the Commission. The activities of the Association are carried out through decisions taken in a pluralistic and democratic environment.

SUSTAINABILITY: AYSKAD ensures the continuity of diversity and productivity in all kinds of social and sectoral activities and maintains the ability of these activities to be permanent.