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The First Women’s Association of Turkish Elevator Industry is Founded

The First Women’s Association of Turkish Elevator Industry is Founded

The First Women’s Association of Turkish Elevator Industry is Founded

The Elevator and Escalator İndustry Businesswomen’s Association (AYSKAD) was founded on 14 February 2018 as the first women’s association in the Turkish elevator industry, and held its first general meeting with the participation of 28 women on 31 March 2018.

Women carrying on a business in the elevator and escalator industry united their forces under the AYSKAD roof. The sector women, who showed a fine model of cooperation by coming together so many times under women’s meetings in the sector, decided to become organized as a result of these meetings. AYSKAD, which has come into operation with the 28 founding members, became the first women’s association of Turkish Elevator İndustry.

The duties in the board were delegated for permanent and substitute members, who were elected in the very first general meeting. Yasemin Bulut has been appointed as president, Ebru İleri, Ela Kocatepe and Dilek Dilek as vice presidents, Gülay Pala as general secretary and Gönül Kaya as accountant member. Deniz Demirkaplan, Meltem Buger, Nermin Boyacioğlu, Özlem Altunkaya and Serap Demir have been appointed as permanent board members, and Selda Baloğlu, Özlem Efir, Gülgün Gülol, Fulya Ürgine, Neslihan Tunç, Serap Aydin, Dilek Öğüşlü, Berrin Bayraktar, Demet Akin, Nuray Eyigele İşleyen and Şükran Demir were selected as substitute members.

Yasemin Bulut as the First President

AYSKAD President Yasemin Bulut, one of the pioneers in the founding of the association, summarized the founding purposes under 3 main principles: “to empower the status of the sector women from the elevator and escalator industry in the business world to increase their contribution to the national economy and include more women in the labor force of the sector;

“To make a contribution to the growth and development of the sector by means of education, information, organization and strategy support for the occupational, technical, moral and professional improvement of the sector; and,

“To represent the Turkish elevator industry on international platforms.”

AYSKAD, in which all 11 permanent and 11 substitute board members, 3 permanent and 3 substitute audit commission members, and 28 founders are in charge, aims to continue its activities in collaboration with commissions formed under 5 main areas.

15 Mayıs 2018