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AYSKAD Offers Support to Female Students

AYSKAD Offers Support to Female Students

AYSKAD Offers Support to Female Students

On December 16, 2019, a Vocational Training Cooperation Protocol was signed at the Ministry of National Education between The Lift and Elevator Industry Business Women Association (AYSKAD) and the Vocational and Technical Education General Directorate (MTEGM).

The Cooperation Protocol, which includes the training of students who are educated in Electrical and Electronic Technology in the Vocational and Technical High Schools in the field of Elevator Systems in order to meet the qualified manpower needs of the industry, to organize in-service training activities for increasing the competencies of teachers in their field and to provide training scholarships for the female students in order to support the employment of women in the industry, is expected to bring benefit for 12 Vocational High Schools in six regions of Turkey.

AYSKAD Visit to Belma Satır The AYSKAD board and members visited A. Belma Satır, president of the TBMM Committee on Petition and Ak Parti Istanbul Deputy, in her office. During the visit, the developments in the Turkish Elevator Industry were conveyed, and information on the projects developed by AYSKAD concerning vocational training and women's employment was shared.

Belma Satır, who is also founding member of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER), underlined that the activities of the non-governmental organizations founded by women are very important and valuable in terms of Turkey’s development, and stated that she was pleased that a women’s association in the elevator industry was established. Satır also stated that they will support activities developed with the women's perspective for finding solutions to the problems of the elevator industry, and that they will always support AYSKAD.

The AYSKAD committee also had a meeting with Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Hasan Büyükdede on the same day.

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